Let's take a look at your credit score...

Some people quite literally live and breathe their credit scores, while some of us find it to be a rather confusing topic. And while there are many resources available on the internet, many of them can leave you with more questions than you had to begin with.

When it comes to credit scores, we’re all looking for straightforward terminology that helps us understand the importance they play in our lives. Whether or not you get that new car, new house, that home improvement loan, or even (if some resources are to be believed) that new job can depend on your credit score.

So what’s a good credit score look like?

Our friends over at have written a great blog on the topic. Click on the link below to learn more!

What is a Good Credit Score? (written by Jeff Gitlen)

There are some numbers that follow us around for much of our adult lives – our Social Security number, shoe size, and, for better or worse, our credit score. The first two are permanent (barring something really bad happening), but our credit score is dynamic, subject to constant change as we navigate the financial ebbs and flows of our lives. Good or excellent credit scores are the keys to the (consumer) kingdom, but a poor one can cast you into the financial wilderness. Let’s learn more.
— Jeff Gitlen