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Browsing home listings and searching for the perfect property that will suit your hopes and dreams can take a lot of time and energy.

There's so much to think about when deciding whether a property is THE ONE for you.

It doesn't matter whether it's your very first home, second house, final dream home, or a residential or commercial property that will assist you with earning a bit extra, looking for that brand-new address is a chore in and of itself, albeit a fun one.

So I firmly think that ...

Your Home Loan Provider Shouldn't Further Complicate the Process

That's why I am here to help you navigate through the frustrations and confusions of house-hunting to the joyous happiness of owning a home. I will work diligently to make sure that no matter whether you're a very first time home purchaser, are looking to refinance, are interested in buying a rental property, or are at last ready to pursue your dream home, I can help make your objectives become a reality. Let me help you navigate the labyrinth of acquiring a home with relative ease.

Have a couple of questions? That's perfectly fine! A lot of folks do and I want you to ask as many questions as you can think up. Regardless of whether you're aiming to buy a brand-new home or you're seeking to refinance your existing house, I'm here to respond to all your questions and to guarantee that you're comfortable with the choices you're making about your future loan.

You can view my most Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on this link.

You've got enough on your mind: let me relieve your concerns concerning your future mortgage.

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Ready to Apply for your Mortgage or Refinancing?

Maybe you find yourself in a slightly different scenario than the one summarized above. Maybe this isn't your very first home purchase or maybe you're looking at purchasing a rental home. Because in that case, it's a reasonable presumption that you've done quite a bit of research and you probably have an idea of exactly what kind of loan you're searching for. If you believe you have already explored all your options, have the ideal residential or commercial property picked out, and have a good grasp on the different types of home mortgages readily available, you may be anxious to move on.

So let's hop into the fast lane.

Can you answer yes to any, or all, of the following concerns?

  • Have you spent a long time evaluating mortgages and the lingo that goes with it?

  • Have you been through this before and understand precisely what you're trying to find in a mortgage?

  • Are you done researching and feel prepared to take the next step?

  • Have you already discovered a residential or commercial property that you have an interest in?

  • Have you assessed a number of lenders and feel like you've discovered the one that best suits you?

So then, what are you waiting for?

Click the button listed below to fill out your loan application and I'll be in touch with you in as low as 24-48 hours! We'll review your application together and I'll let you know if there's any additional information I need to get you moving in the ideal direction.

Here's what you must know about VA Loans

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Are you a United States Veteran? Are you currently serving in the United States military and have been for a minimum of six months? If so, it's possible that you might receive a VA Loan!

Is this a new concept to you? Or have you just started to discover VA Loans? Possibly you're not even sure exactly what the benefits of a VA Home mortgage are. If that's the case, let's review some of the advantages of getting approved for a VA Home mortgage:

  • Most of the times, there is no down payment required! (As opposed to the 3% or 5% that other types of loans require).

  • There is no month-to-month mortgage insurance coverage premium included in your payment, which lowers your month-to-month payment!

  • The VA Loan limits buyer's closing expenses, lowering your expenditure on closing day.

  • The VA Loan has a lower average rate of interest than other loan types. It currently has the lowest rates of interest from all the loan alternatives.

  • There are no prepayment penalties. You can pay off your home loan early without any monetary repercussion.

  • Plus numerous more!

If you think you qualify for a VA loan or want to discover more about them and how they might benefit you, complete the form below and I'll be happy to discuss your alternatives with you!

If you are:

  • US Armed Force Veteran

  • Currently serving in the United States Military and have been for at least 6 months

Then you may qualify for a VA loan and ought to speak with someone about it prior to making an application for a mortgage! You can likewise Click Here to obtain more information.

I can also assist you get your Certificate of Eligibility! Contact Me today to find out more.

We will work together to determine if this is the best course for you to take or if there's another loan that may fit your needs much better. It's my job to ensure that you discover the best mortgage to fit you and your present circumstance!

What should you expect from your Home loan Loan provider?

Most lenders would say that you ought to search for a lender who offers you the very best possible rate, wants to put forth the effort to thoroughly address your concerns, and works relentlessly to get you into your dream home.

Many loan providers know how to talk the talk, however when it boils down to it, they don't fulfill their own proclaimed criteria.

I prefer to GO BEYOND expectations.

That's why I:

  • Work at your rate.

  • Put in the time to completely and thoroughly answer all your concerns.

  • Will work vigilantly to make sure you're never puzzled or overwhelmed.

  • Will explore every option to make sure you're getting the best loan for you.

  • Am not pleased up until you're happy.

To me, it's easy. You are worthy of to understand every element of your loan and you should have to feel comfortable and confident with your future Blue Springs home.

You likewise are worthy of a loan provider who wants to make the effort to comprehend your life and monetary circumstance so that they have the ability to match you up with the ideal loan for you. One that will not irritate you, puzzle you, or leave you in an overwhelming situation that leaves you feeling buried without any hope of digging yourself out.

You should have somebody who genuinely cares that you're happy with the loan you receive which you totally comprehend the details and its performance.

I take additional steps to make sure that you receive all this and more.

However, you definitely don't need to take my word for it.

Fill out the form above to connect and I'll more than happy to begin answering your questions. If, after talking and discussing your financing requirements, you feel that I'm not the appropriate lending institution for you, it's no problem! You're under no commitment to proceed. You can take the info I have actually provided you and utilize it to help you discover a better suited loan provider for you.

Let's Discuss Physician's Loans.

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Let me ask you this: Are you an MD or a DO? If so - even if you have not started your new job yet, but have one awaiting you - you may receive a Physician's Loan!

So what is a Doctor's Loan and why are they so unique?

Maybe you have not ever become aware of a Doctor's Loan. Or possibly you've just heard them referenced, but you have no idea if you qualify or if one would be suitable for you and your present circumstance.

Let's quickly discuss the essentials:

For starters, not every loan company is enabled to offer them, so prior to you selecting your mortgage lender you have to make sure that you're dealing with a lending institution that is licensed to supply that type of loan.

Luckily for you, I am one of those loan providers!

Now that we have established that you're in the right place, let's talk a bit more: a physician's loan is a special home mortgage, offered just to MDs and DOs, with appealing terms and unique qualities not associated with other traditional loans.

What are these appealing terms and special qualities?

The benefits consist of:

  • Absolutely no or extremely low deposit needed.

  • No personal mortgage insurance "PMI".

  • No rate boosts on jumbo loans (normally loans larger than $424K).

  • Based on a physician's signed employment contract.

  • Allows closing up to 90 days before you start your brand-new job.

  • Less important of student loan financial obligation.

Interested in learning more? Excellent! Merely complete the Purchase New Home form and we can get going! Or skip the intermediary actions and fill out an Application today!

Even if you have not begun your brand-new task job, as long as you're at least within 90 days of assuming your new position, you more than likely qualify for a Physician's Loan.

So let's talk today!

I'm here to address all of your questions and to make sure that you get the very best possible loan for you and your brand-new house. Even if a Physician's Loan isn't the right step for you, I will work diligently to ensure that we have the ideal loan fit for you and your existing situation!

Do not think twice; contact me today!

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Have you just begun to think about whether or not you're ready to buy your first, or next, brand-new home?

Perhaps it's been some time since you went through the mortgage loan procedure and are a little nervous to undertake it once again.

Or perhaps you still have some unanswered questions from how your first home mortgage worked.

I'll be the first to admit that at face value, the whole procedure looks rather daunting. There can be a great deal of documentation and if you're using a lending institution that you do not especially trust or who is slow to address your questions, or does not answer them as thoroughly as you 'd like, it can make the whole procedure that much worse. Whether your lender is incredibly busy or simply bogged down in their own paperwork, if they're slow to respond to you, it can make you seem like you're alone in the process, which can be scary and frustrating.

I want to put your mind at ease and enable you to enjoy looking for your next home. I want you to eagerly anticipate unpacking that very first box and spending your first night there. I want you to be able to relax, unwind, and enjoy laughing over the peculiarities of houses you look at, envisioning yourself or your family flourishing within the home, and taking the next step in your life. What I don't want is you worrying and stressing over every detail or feeling too confused to enjoy what should be a delightful experience.

That's why I work extra hard to ensure that all your questions are answered in as great of detail as you 'd like. I do not wish to complicate the procedure; I 'd rather streamline it for you so you can rest assured knowing that you're moving in the direction you wish to be.

So click the links below to learn a little bit more about Home Purchasing and Refinancing. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have additional concerns you 'd like answered prior to filling out your application.

Or simply click the button below to start filling out the application for your home mortgage.

In any case, I promise to react in a fast and effective way and I guarantee that your concerns will get answered.

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